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The Future is Now: Implementing AI in the Early Career Landscape.

In the rapidly evolving landscape, both employers and university leaders have begun to navigate the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms and mechanisms within curriculums, project work, resume writing, job searches and recruitment. This fireside chat-style discussion will explore innovative programs related to AI technology and its influence on career services, hiring practices, and the job search process. The speakers will discuss constructive uses of AI while also addressing the challenges of navigating the biases and ethics of using AI within the career exploration and recruitment processes. Join us for an enlightening session where we explore bridging the gap between AI technology and career development and employment practices.  

Opening Session Speakers

Ross Wade is the Senior Associate Director of Career Services for Elon University's School of Communications. He strives to cultivate a dynamic and supportive environment where students and alumni can explore their interests and acquire the essential skills needed to excel in the competitive field of communications. He has over 18 years of experience in career development and five years of experience in the strategic communications and film and television industries.

Paul Carney is a well-known HR professional and technology geek. He writes and speaks about using AI in HR because he has a passion for helping HR professionals learn how to leverage the immense power of generative AI (GenAI) in their companies. He has a very unique combination of expertise in technology, business, and Human Resources. Paul earned respected accreditations from the Blockchain Council as an AI Expert™ and Certified Prompt Engineer™ and has been studying GenAI to leverage its full potential. Recently, Paul launched Promptly HR™ with his AI virtual persona, Perpeta Paul™. Paul currently serves as EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, at Carter Bank & Trust.

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