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Building Bridges: Ideas to Implementation
2024 NCACE Conference: Call for Program Proposals

The NCACE Annual Conference Committee is excited to announce the Call for Proposals for the May 2024 Conference in Wilmington, NC!  The theme of the 2024 Annual conference is Building Bridges: Ideas to Implementation

The conference committee would like to encourage and invite you to submit a program proposal that aligns with the theme whether you are new to NCACE, a young professional, a seasoned member, or identify somewhere in between.

We are especially interested in proposal submissions for employer and university members to provide interactive and engaging presentations as they share outcomes of an initiative, project, or partnership that relates to an idea implemented or connections that resulted in new opportunities for implementation.

As both employers and university leaders have begun to navigate the integration Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms and mechanisms within curriculums, project work, resume writing, job searches and recruitment, we would love to hear about topics related to innovative programs, especially those concerning the influence on career services, hiring practices, and the job search process. Other topics could relate to the constructive uses of AI and / or the compliance and legal guardrails or precedent being established and navigating the biases and ethics of AI within the recruitment process.

This year, we will offer two options for programming: breakout sessions and roundtable discussions

Programming Option



Break-Out Sessions

1 hour

Located in assigned rooms

Roundtable Discussions

(3) 20-min discussions

(5-min gaps to allow for table rotation)

To take place in the large banquet room at designated roundtables

Know of anyone in your network doing really great work?? Encourage them (and other peers) to submit a proposal as well! 

Deadline to submit proposals is December 15, 2023


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